What Is 'The Light That Never Goes Out'?

Installed in your home/business, ‘The Light That Never Goes Out’ simply monitors your incoming electricity supply for a failure, and when one is detected, it safely provides enough stored electricity to ensure that all of your lights will still work as though there were no power cut. It is fitted by Irish Power to your incoming electricity supply, and is completely automatic, giving peace of mind and a real sense of security to all who have it installed. We believe that very soon, every home/business will have this simple new device fitted as part of a widely accepted and necessary international safety standard. Play your part in making this happen by ordering an installation from Irish Power today.

Complete Independence

‘The Light That Never Goes Out’ gives complete independence from blackouts in stormy weather – you will not be left in the dark!

Enhances Safety

It enhances safety, eliminating the risk of fires from matches/candles, and also reduces the risk of slips/falls in otherwise dark areas. There are no worries about starting generators and handling potentially dangerous fuels.


It can be set up to provide power to all sorts of other electrical items as well – tell us what you need, and we will provide a solution. For example, camera systems, barrier systems, stairlifts, medical equipment etc.

Ideal For Business

For business owners it can help reduce/eliminate financial losses which power blackouts might give rise to.

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